Lunch with Bernadette!

Ok, so today was totes Bernadette Peters'(s) birthday! And she totally turned....wait for it.....wait for it.....61! I know right, how crazy is that?!?!

So since it was raining out side, and I dont have my phone, so that means virtually no contact with anyone, I watched some random Bernadette youtube videos.

I'd like to sing it.
For you now.

ETA. When I stared this post it was yesterday, and now yesterday was totes Ms. Peter's birthday. LOL
Also, I know this has nothing to do with having lunch with her at all. And I actually didn't even talk about lunch or food. But in case you were curious, I had tuna melts...again. Do you think Bernadette likes tuna? lolz.  But I really love that line in tos, about lunch with Bernadette, did you see that they actually got to have lunch with her? How cool! maybe they had tuna!! Who knows? 

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My Life Would Suck Without You

Burger/Hot Dog/Cookie Nite! Which is good because Im super hungry. I only had two apple toaster strudles today. haha

This song is sooo addicting and I've been listening to it over and over nonstop...
When does the new season of Degrassi start? I have no idea, I dont get theN any more :( so I'll have to watch it online. I dont understand how I have like 3 Disney channels and like 5 ESPN channels, but not theN..... 

Take Me Away

So here's a song that Shoshana recorded, I'm not too sure if it was a demo for her album or what? But it was played during an episode of The Hills (I know, right? shoot me) and I ripped it from the MTV website a few months ago. I haven't heard anyone talk much about it or gift it anywhere, but the song is SUPERFAB!!

ps. this is in iPod format. If you need me to convert it to mp3 I totes can! 

It's the Opening Song, it doesnt have a title no...

Megaupload Leftovers!
^click me^

Lots of random stuff I've uploaded for people in various communites....if you're lurking, feel free to take and/or share the links! I really dont care....

There are a few cast recordings (annie ost, spamalot obcr, the color purple obcr, i love you because oobcr, hairspray obcr, you're a goodman charlie brown revival, billion dollar baby, RENT obcr, tick tick boom), some frank sinatra, the ting tings, she and him, idina's gorgeous remixes, duffy, elton john, paula abdul.....just alot of random stuff. haha

kyxy is an idina menzel interview is a few random shoshana bean songs
Sara Songs is a folder with random Sara Ramirez songs

if there's something you want more of, just ask. no worries

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